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Press Releases

Please click here for Press Releases issued between 2001 and 2006

12 June 2017 JFSC issues warning about non-regulated commercial property investments
12 June 2017 JFSC offers out-of-hours services to help Islanders meet Beneficial Ownership deadline
7 June 2017 JFSC publishes 2016 Annual Report
24 May 2017 JFSC wins prestigious international award
15 May 2017 JFSC issues guidance on WannaCry cyber attack
21 April 2017 JFSC hosts first open house careers drop-in session
27 March 2017 More than half of Annual Returns outstanding as deadline looms
15 March 2017 JFSC launches Jersey Private Fund Guide to modernise Island's funds regime
14 March 2017 JFSC checks Jersey firms' Professional Indemnity Insurance
20 February 2017 JFSC hosts cyber security masterclass
7 February 2017 Global experts on combating terrorist financing to speak at Jersey conference
1 February 2017 JFSC focuses on shared responsibility for 2017 Business Plan
26 January 2017 JFSC public awareness campaign delivers desired results
24 January 2017 Jersey Police van helps drive home JFSC message about investment mis-selling
17 January 2017 JFSC highlights growing investment mis-selling issue
23 November 2016 JFSC help raise more than £2,300 for Children in Need
2 November 2016 Beneficial Ownership of Jersey Corporate and Legal Entities and a Register of Directors
20 October 2016 JFSC Chairman plants trees for Jersey Mencap
17 October 2016 JFSC staff raise more than £1000 in one week for Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey
6 September 2016 JFSC and Industry agree terrorist financing is highest risk on spectrum for Jersey firms
22 August 2016 EU recognition of JFSC auditor oversight regime
12 August 2016 JFSC signs MoU with Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority
19 July 2016 Positive news for Jersey as ESMA recommends granting Jersey funds and managers an AIFMD Passport
13 July 2016 JFSC issues 2015 Annual Report
1 July 2016 JFSC raises nearly £2,000 in two months for Jersey Mencap
30 June 2016 HBME transfer to Dubai International Financial Centre
29 June 2016 JFSC Risk Based Supervision Overview
27 June 2016 JFSC warning ref non-regulated investments
24 June 2016 JFSC EU Referendum Statement
13 June 2016 Two new appointments for JFSC’s Supervision division
24 May 2016 Jersey in leading position according to Council of Europe Experts
20 May 2016 JFSC proposes fee changes to Registry services
12 May 2016 JFSC statement on Royal Court Judgment dated 11 May 2016 re SWM Limited
10 May 2016 JFSC action taken re Mossack Fonseca
5 May 2016 Jersey Study Tour to Registry Conference
26 April 2016 JFSC consults on whether Jersey should introduce an EU equivalent MiFID II regime.
13 April 2016 JFSC appoints new Head of Supervisory Risk
12 April 2016 Statement: JFSC supports States of Jersey beneficial ownership agreement
17 Febuary 2016 JFSC signs MOU with ADGM
5 February 2016 JFSC unveils Business Plan for 2016 to Industry
4 Febuary 2016 JFSC appoints new Deputy Chairman
14 January 2016 JFSC appoints new Policy leaders
15 December 2015 JFSC to hold Business Plan 2016 Presentation
27 November 2015 Warning: Don’t Get Conned At Christmas
18 November 2015 Appointment of Deputy Director General
6 November 2015 Warning re: Phishing Email Alert
12 October 2015 JFSC launches inaugural Careers Fair
6 October 2015 Jersey Financial Services Commission Issues Mystery Shopper Report
5 October 2015 Warning re JFSC telephone scammers
29 September 2015 Jersey Financial Services Commission to hold key Enforcement Seminar
14 September 2015 The JFSC will be running a series of AML/CFT ‘refresher’ sessions for industry in the Town Hall
11 September 2015 Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum issues warning and advice re Microsoft scammers
24 August 2015 Jersey signs Memorandum of Understanding with Switzerland
17 August 2015 Jersey signs Memorandum of Understanding with Denmark
30 July 2015 Positive news for Jersey as ESMA recommends granting Jersey funds and managers an AIFMD passport
16 July 2015 Equity Trust (Jersey) Limited Public Statement Issued
13 July 2015 Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum Launches
9 July 2015 States of Jersey Press Release – Views sought on regulation of virtual currency
25 June 2015 Jersey Financial Services Commission issues 2014 Annual Report
23 June 2015 Financial Penalties for businesses regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission
19 June 2015 Man Convicted in Landmark Case for Providing False and Misleading Information
11 February 2015 Consultation on Civil Penalties – Statement of Principles and Process
10 February 2015 Jersey Financial Services Commission Unveils 2015 Business Plan
5 February 2015 Jersey signs Memorandum of Understanding with South Africa
14 January 2015 Consultation on Civil Penalties Tariff
15 December 2014 Mr Craig Stuart Cameron
14 November 2014 Crown Dependency Regulators
17 October 2014 Jersey contributes to new International Standard for Regulating Trust Company Businesses
15 October 2014 EEA Life Settlements Fund
31 July 2014 Global innovation award for Jersey’s new Security Interests Register
24 July 2014 Horizon Investigation
20 June 2014 Consultation on proposals to revise AML/CFT Requirements
5 June 2014 Consultation on Civil Penalties legislation
5 June 2014 Four day conference and seminar in partnership with the US Securities and
Exchange Commission
21 May 2014 Appointment of Directors
6 May 2014 Memorandum of Understanding with the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority
9 April 2014 Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Securities Regulator
21 March 2014 Memorandum of Understanding with the Swiss Regulator
18 March 2014 Collectibles – Collect for pleasure, invest with care
12 February 2014 Feedback to Consultation on miscellaneous amendments to Regulatory Legislation
13 December 2013 RFA Feedback Paper published
5 December 2013 Commission confirms timing of implementation of amendments resulting from the Review of Financial Advice
30 October 2013 New article on investment planning on the Protect Your Money website
28 October 2013 Chairman of the Commission
27 September 2013 Commission publishes consultation in penultimate step to improve quality of advice for retail investors
15 August 2013 Mr Andrew Crawford Norman Fleming
14 August 2013 The Co-operative Bank, Guernsey branch
22 July 2013 New and updated Codes of Practice relating to the AIFMD
22 July 2013 Commission agrees AIFMD cooperation agreement with Austria
19 July 2013 Proposals to revise AML/CFT requirements
19 July 2013 Commission signs AIFMD cooperation agreement with Germany
12 July 2013 Transitional arrangements, exemptions, and Commission forms relating to the
AIFMD Regime
12 July 2013 Commission signs AIFMD cooperation agreements
7 June 2013 Commission launches consultation on AIFMD regime
31 May 2013 Commission launches AIFMD regime following agreement of ESMA MOU
10 May 2013 Consultation on revision to the Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008
14 December 2012 Changes to be made to AML/CFT Handbook – CDD Measures
11 December 2012 Opportunity to showcase high standards of the Jersey Registry during visit by
European colleagues
27 November 2012 Jersey and German Registries share International Award
26 November 2012 Crown Dependency Regulators to maintain close co-operation
13 November 2012 HSBC bank accounts in Jersey
9 November 2012 Daily Telegraph article in relation to HSBC accounts in Jersey
7 November 2012 Financial Services Regulator publishes results of latest Industry Survey
7 November 2012 Commission plans to increase investor protection
7 November 2012 Director of Trust Company Business
18 July 2012 Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Banking Regulator
16 July 2012 Consultation on miscellaneous amendments to the regulatory legislation
29 June 2012 Consultation on Additional Information Gateways
31 May 2012 Memorandum of Understanding with the National Bank of Slovakia
8 May 2012 Memorandum of Understanding with the German Regulator
3 April 2012 Consultation on the introduction of a power for the Commission to impose civil penalties for serious, uncorrected or recurring breaches of the Codes of Practice
2 April 2012 Commission Publishes Codes of Practice for Certified Funds
7 February 2012 Update - Meinl European Land Limited
(now known as Atrium European Real Estate Limited)
1 February 2012 Consultation on Fund Services Business and Collective Investment Fund Fees
26 January 2012 Jersey Launches Private Placement Fund
17 November 2011 Consultation on CDD Measures for countering money laundering and terrorist financing
19 October 2011 Annual Fees payable under the Proceeds of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008
13 October 2011 Guidance on Proliferation and Proliferation Financing
5 October 2011 Commission and States of Jersey Police sign Memorandum of Understanding
16 August 2011 Feedback on Consultation Papers 5 & 7 2009
3 August 2011 Jersey Financial Services Commission announces review of Financial Advice (“RFA”)
27 July 2011 Memorandum of Understanding with the French Banking Regulator
25 July 2011 Solvency II
12 May 2011 AML/CFT Strategy Group Press Release - 12 May 2011
12 April 2011 Consultation on revisions to Codes of Practice
15 March 2011 Updated version of the Banking Business Licensing Policy
14 March 2011 Commission launches new "Protect Your Money" Website
11 February 2011 Re-issue of Insurance Business Licensing Policy
2 February 2011 Findings of Mystery Shopping Exercise
14 January 2011 Sanctions Guidance
22 December 2010 Meinl European Land Limited (now known as Atrium European Real Estate Limited) and Meinl European Real Estate Limited
17 December 2010 Re-issue of FS(J)L Licensing Policy
29 November 2010 TCB Exemption Amendment Order
13 September 2010 Regulatory requirements for Jersey deposit takers
28 July 2010 Belgravia Financial Services Group - Update No 5
27 July 2010 Consultation on deposit-taking registration fees
8 July 2010 Memorandum of Understanding with the South African Reserve Bank
6 July 2010 Jersey retains position as a leading jurisdiction for company registration following the re-election of Julian Lamb (Director, Registry) to senior positions on three International Organisations
24 May 2010 Consultation on meeting the admittance criteria for Jersey to join the Single Euro Payments Area
30 March 2010 Consultation on proposed changes to Secondary Legislation in respect of Trust Company Business Exemptions
19 February 2010 Consultation on Banking: Financial Reporting and Disclosures
19 February 2010 Consultation on proposed Fees for DNFBPs under the Proceeds of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008
14 January 2010 Consultation on two new Orders to be made under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991
3 December 2009 Memorandum of Understanding with the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission Belgium
13 November 2009 Consultation on the Regulation of Electronic Money
10 November 2009 MoU with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
15 October 2009 Consultation on Sector Specific Section of AML/CFT Handbook
14 October 2009 Commission signs Statement of Co-operation with four United States financial regulators
14 September 2009 Publication of IMF Reports - Jersey in Top Division for AML compliance
7 September 2009 Amendment to the Money Laundering Order
14 August 2009 R2R Funds - Statement of the Commission
27 July 2009 Consultation on Codes for Certified Funds
10 July 2009 Commission Guidance Regarding Making Investments as a Result of
Unsolicited Phone Calls
9 June 2009 Proposed Fees for Foundations and changes to Registry Search Fees
2 June 2009 Consultation Paper No.5 2009 on Certified Fund Prospectuses
11 May 2009 Consultation Paper No.4 2009 on Amendments to Part 1, Section 4 of the AML/CFT Handbook for regulated business
9 April 2009 Guidance Note for a MoME
7 April 2009 Insurance Business Licensing Policy
3 April 2009 Consultation Paper No.3 2009 on Fund Services Business Fees
9 March 2009 Consultation on Investment Business Regulatory Fees
6 March 2009 Themed Visits - Findings Report : Persons Registered to provide fund services business as a MoME
23 February 2009 Guidance Note: Natural Persons undertaking the activity of acting as a director
5 January 2009 Oversight of Auditors and the Preparation of Accounts - Amendments to the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991
30 December 2008 Belgravia Financial Services Group Limited - Update Nº 4
27 October 2008 Updated Memorandum of Understanding with the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar
22 October 2008 Amendments to the Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008
17 October 2008 Island AML/CFT Strategy
10 October 2008 IMF Visit Dates
9 October 2008 Belgravia Financial Services Group Limited - Update Nº3
5 September 2008 Belgravia Financial Services Group Limited - Update Nº2
2 September 2008 Belgravia Financial Services Group Limited - Update
11 August 2008 Belgravia Financial Services Group Limited
15 July 2008 Consultation Paper on Insurance Business and General Insurance Mediation Business Regulatory Fees
14 July 2008 Commission appoints Inspectors under the Companies Law to investigate two Jersey incorporated companies
8 July 2008 Revised Codes of Practice for: Depost-taking Business; Fund Services Business; General Insurance Mediation Business; Insurance Business; Money Service Business; and Trust Company Business
2 July 2008 Codes of Practice for Investment Business and associated Guidance Notes
2 July 2008 Updated version of the Licensing Policy in respect of those activities that require registration under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998
23 May 2008 Consultation Paper on Late Payment Fees, and Fees for the Late Filing or Delivery of Documents
20 May 2008 Findings of mystery shopping research
29 February 2008 Amendments to Commission Anti-Money Laundering website pages
18 December 2007 Feedback Paper on Codes of Practice
07 December 2007 Directions issued to Jason Warner effectively preventing him from securing employment within the Finance Industry
14 November 2007 Commission publishes Codes of Practice for Fund Services Business
19 October 2007 Consultation paper on amendments to secondary legislation
29 August 2007 Notice to Investors in the R2R Bulgaria Property Fund, the R2R Croatia Property Fund and the R2i Montenegro Property Fund
08 August 2007 Consultation paper on amendments to Regulatory Laws
06 August 2007 Commission signs MOU with BVI Financial Services Commission
30 July 2007 Amendments Proposed to Codes of Practice Relating to Four Financial Sectors
26 July 2007 Money Service Business Regulation
10 July 2007 Investors in People Award
19 June 2007 Position Paper on Amendments to Regulatory Legislation
14 June 2007 Codes of Practice proposed for General Insurance Mediation Business
15 May 2007 Commission signs MOU with the Central Bank of Cyprus
10 May 2007 Consultation Paper on Approval of Auditors

24 April 2007

Regulatory Co-operation with the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
19 April 2007 Regulatory Co-operation with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada
16 April 2007 Commission takes regulatory action against Warren Financial Services Limited
12 April 2007 Commission invites tenders to provide industry training on implementation of new Anti-Money Laundering Handbook
05 April 2007 Commission Publishes Paper on Implementation of New Anti-Money Laundering Handbook
03 April 2007 Commission Publishes Draft Requirements to Implement the Proposal for the Future Regulation of Funds and Functionaries of Funds
26 March 2007 Commission Publishes Draft Requirements to Implement FATF Recommendation on Wire Transfers
14 March 2007 Feedback on Consultation on Money Service Business
27 February 2007 Value for Money Review
16 February 2007 Commission wins case against Alternate Insurance Services Limited
15 February 2007 Jersey Financial Services Commission Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Cyrus Securities and Exchange Commission
17 January 2007 Jersey Financial Services Commission seeks to appoint new Commissioner

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