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At the Commission, we are committed to providing an environment - culture, job satisfaction, opportunity and excellence - that attracts and retains outstanding individuals from all over the world.  We endeavour to maintain an organisation where the best people want to work and there is a career plan for all.

It is important that in striving to meet our key purpose and aims we maintain those fundamental values upon which our credibility and reputation rely.


We are committed to achieving quality in the exercise of our allocated tasks and assigned responsibilities and undertake to strive for continuous improvement by identifying ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness within ourselves and the Commission.


We will conduct ourselves in accordance with the principles of professionalism by demonstrating a clear sense of commitment, objectivity and consistency.


We will be honest, fair and open in our dealings with one another and with the industry we regulate.


We welcome the opportunity to work with one another and to share ideas, information and decisions by offering our support and assistance, and to solve problems in partnership with our colleagues, the industry we regulate and the international community.

Our employees:

We recognise that our people are our future and will encourage everyone to acquire professional skills, knowledge and experience to contribute effectively to the work of the Commission.

Respect for each other:

We recognise the equal worth of each individual and will support one another’s need to balance their personal lives with their professional lives.

Respect for others:

We will aspire to meet the needs of all those we deal with by listening, understanding and responding promptly to their requests, and we will treat all those whom we regulate with courtesy and respect.


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