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Public Statements

Items marked “(R)” relate to public statements where directions have been issued under the Regulatory Laws to restrict an individual’s employment within the finance industry in Jersey.  A "Register of Restricted Individuals" can be viewed by clicking here.



Carl Lewis Maton (R)
Ms Gisele Helene Le Miere (R)


Mrs Sandra Esnouf (R)
Naruse, Terada & Associates
Gateway Finance Limited
Stephen Andrew Homyard
Spindler & Partner LLP
Miss Julie Elizabeth McClafferty - updated (R)
Hudson Knight
International Mergers & Acquisitions LLP
CVC Groups Private Capital
Mr Jon Paul Hackwood (R)
Mr Clive Barton (MBE) (R), Ms Kathleen Gillen (R), Moore Stephens Jersey Partnership


Mr Andrew Crawford Norman Fleming (R)
Mrs Sarah Jane Roberts (R)
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
Mr Christian James Bulcock Blair (R)
Fortune Capital Ventures
China Merchants International Corporation
Bradquest Ltd
Equity Trust (Jersey) Limited
STM Fiduciaire Limited
Michelle Jardine (R)
Allied Trust Company Limited, and Messrs Antony Kurt Bryans (R), Michael John Lezala (R),
Pierre Humphrey Stonborough (R), and Mrs Michelle Clark (R)
New World Trustees (Jersey) Limited
Mr James Nicholls - updated (R)
Mr James Nicholls - superseded
Mr Stephen Lee Ross (R)


Mr Timothy James McKimmon (R)
Channel Offshore Bank
Miss Patricia Lomas (R)
DirectProperty Inc
Mr Wayne Garraway (R)
Mr Andrew David Treharne (R)
Mr Daniel Patrick Leonard Noding (R)
Miss Julie Elizabeth McClafferty - superseded
Anderton Estate Investments Limited
Herald Trust Company Limited and affiliated members
Sprinvales Standard Bank


Ulverston Offshore Bank
Horizon Trustees (Jersey) Limited (in liquidation)
Hayes Capital
Access Finance PLC
BNP Paribas Bank
Apex International Consulting Group
Mr Stephen Andrew Homyard (R)
Hayes Associates
AG Group
Mr Michael McCabe
Fairbairn Private Bank


Corinthian Holdings Limited (formerly Corinthian Financial Services Limited)
NatWest Bank (UK) Limited
Securities Trading Board
Mr Aldwyn Percival Sully (R)
Alliance Finance Plc
Mr Justin Krzysztof Jozef Nicpon (R)
Trustcorp Services Limited, and Messrs Michael Julian Kenny-Herbert (R), David William Roberts (R),
David Henry Christopher Hill (R), William Thomas Davies (R) and William Henry Kenneth Simpson (R)



Macellum Capital Management
Nova Portfolio Management
Nova UK Ltd
Eastridge Associates
JLS Capital Group
ATP Financial
SoHo Services Limited
ATM Capital
Consolidated Credit Bank Limited
Blake Morgan Financials
Miss Luisa Victoria Cabral Smith (R)
FHM & Associates
Global World Acquisitions
Equity Research Partners
Peterson Advisory Limited
Mr Timothy John Tindall (R)
Corporate One Asset Management
Sun Bank Offshore Jersey (Channel Islands)


European Finance Services
Mr Peter Wilson Michel (R)
Mclandish Offshore Bank
Sterling Equity Corporation
Standard Bank Jersey Limited and Standard Bank Fund Administration Jersey Limited
Mr Russell Shelton Homer (R)
Salsac Management Limited
Mr Alan John Salsac (R)
Capital Markets Advisory
Bank Of Family
Mr Aidan Piers Barrington-Ward (R)
William Smith Partners
Mr Michael Keith Sun (R)
Ms Pippa Marie Harbour (R)
Alternate Insurance Services Limited, summary public statement
Alternate Insurance Services Limited, full public statement


Black Diamond Equity Group
Allied Finance and Development Bank
Mr Richard Arthur (R)
International Consulting Services
BBA Capita Asset Management (Jersey) Limited, Mr Robert Taylor-Barefoot, Mr Jeremy Wright and Mr Alex Ariana
Allen-Hall Incorporated
Lincoln Trust Company (Jersey) Limited, Lincoln Nominees Limited, Executive Directors Limited, Executive Nominees Limited and Executive Secretaries Limited (collectively the “Lincoln Companies”)
Anglo Irish Associates
UMBS Online Bank Limited
Reality National Bank
UBP Privee Financial Group
Overseas Credit Commission
Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited
Offshore Capital Conservators (Jersey) Ltd
Fraser Richecoeur and Fondre LLP
QFX Absolute Return Fund (Jersey) Limited, BBA Capita Capital Management LLP, Mr Robert Taylor-Barefoot, Mr Jeremy Wright and Mr Alex Ariana


Societe Finance Group
James B. Clarke & Co. Ltd
Union Bancaire Private Financial Bank Corp & UBPB Private Bank
BP Hambros Bank & Trust (Jersey) Limited
Trust Finance Fidelity Bank
Goldridge Stone Limited, and Messrs James Shaw Cameron (R), Russell Philip Foot (R) and John Tasker Lewis (R)
Mr Rafiq Ahmed Petkar
Westgate Capital Management
Bank National TSB Offshore Limited


Transcorp International
Urban Private Finance
Capital Offshore Group
Carlton Hedges and Associates
Leeds Bank Plc
Capital Finance (UK) Limited
Fidelity Investment UK-Channel Island


Wakefield & Stern Corporation
Jacobs & Burns
Standard Chattered Bank
Bankers Trust International
Klein International
NationWide Bank
Kapital Equity Unlimited
EFG Private Bank Limited, Jersey
Citizens Equity Limited
Excel Homes Plc
Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited
Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited
Axiom Trust Private Bank
Trix Finance & Trust Co.
APS International Bank
Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Ltd


Panfield Trust Finance UK
Flemings Offshore Bank
Alchemy Management (Jersey) Limited
Euroswift Private Bank
Recovered Fund Account
Reality Millions
White Horse
Royal Offshore Bank
ESFS Group
City Credit Online
Gregory & Krest Investment
Nedcredit Bank
Finascore Fudiciary (sic)


Apex Continental Bank PLC
Piccadilly Finance
Scotland Alliance
First European Asian Finance Corporation
City Fidelity Trust Bank
Wizzell Bank
Infinite Trust Bank
AIB Private Bank (Jersey) Limited
Global Trust Finance Group ("GTFG")
Asian European Finance Group ("AEFG")
Interface Management Limited
Legend Merchant Group, Inc.
Atlantic Credit Nominees
AIB Private Bank (Jersey) Limited/AIB Online/AIB Plc
Avalon Partners, Inc
SPEACC Finance
First Choice Bank ("FCB")
United Assets and Finance ("UAF")
Douglas St. James
Zenith Security and Finance UK
Perrin, Holden & Davenport Capital Corp.
Standard National Bank & Trust ("SNBT")
Link Finance & Trust Limited ("LFTL")

Pre 2004

J.P. Turner & Company, L.L.C.
Trans Intercontinental Finance
Meridien Trust Finance
Shankars Emporium Bank
Investment Trust Bank
Nations Merchant Bank
Schorders CI
Atlantic Trust Bank ("ATB")
Nomura Trust Bank
Trust Meridien
Allied Trust Merchant Bank and Allied Trust Merchant Brokers
Trans Ocean Trust Bank and Competent Trust Co Ltd
Crystal Trust Company Limited
Atlantic Trust Bank ("ATB")
Pan National Bank and Connected Names
Meridian Trust Bank Limited
Access Trust Bank Limited
First Chartered Bank Limited
Chase Private Bank & Trust Corporation and Globe Trust Bank
IMB Group Bank PLC and IMB Group Bank Finance Company (Jersey) Limited
Intereuropebank & European Private Investment Bank
Trustshore Bank & Trust Corporation and Integris Group of Mutual Funds and Connected Names
Arrow International Management Services Limited and Norman Edwin Steele
Mr. Michael Carden
Standard Bank Jersey Limited

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