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NEWS RELEASE 30 June 2014

New and Amended Registry Fees

With Effect From 1 July 2014

In accordance with the Financial Services Commission (Jersey) Law 1998 and further to the consultation issued on 3 December 2013, the following Registry fees, which are applicable to all Registry Laws, are being amended or newly introduced:

Certificates of Good Standing

The Commission has recently amended the wording to the Certificate of Good Standing (the “Certificate”) (sometimes referred to as a Statement of Fact in other jurisdictions) issued by the Registrar.  The new wording has made it possible to automate the issue of a Certificate.  Consultation paper No.9 2013 issued on 3 December 2013 set out the fee for providing a new online service for the issue of a Certificate.  Some jurisdictions and local authentication agencies still require a manually signed Certificate.  Options for receiving such Certificates are available; however the fee reflects the cost of this labour intensive process.  A service for counter signing automatically generated Certificates is also available, the fee being set to reflect the reduced manual involvement in this process.

Registry search fee increase

The Commission, in response to increased requests for large documents via the Registry’s online search facility, is enhancing the delivery of such documents.  The current system requires a request for a large searchable document to be made to a Registry Officer who then processes the request manually.  In addition to improved services, significant infrastructure resource is now utilised to protect against cyber-attacks.  The business register in Nova Scotia was recently attacked with the result that services were disrupted for some days. Although the number of search transactions runs into tens of thousands each year, the volumes are relatively low which means that credit card transaction costs are correspondingly high per transaction.  The fee of £4 per search reflects the increased costs of providing an online search facility and brings the fee in line with the search fee, recently consulted upon and set, for the Security Interests Register.  Other fees for manual search options, where documents are printed, have also been increased to reflect the labour intensiveness of these processes.  A search from the Registry’s public area, in person, without printing, will remain free.

Tables of New or Amended Fees

Certificates of Good Standing Fee
For each Certificate of Good Standing issued via the Registry’s online facility. £30
For each signed Certificate of Good Standing prepared manually by a Registry Officer. £50
For each manual authentication given to a Certificate of Good Standing issued via the Registry’s online facility. £10

Searches Fee
For making the register available for inspection:  
Postal search. £20
For each copy of a document or other record provided by the Registrar and printed by the Registry. £10
For each copy of a document or other record provided by the Registrar and viewed without printing
from a terminal within the Registry.
No Fee
For each copy of a document or other record provided by the Registrar via the Registry’s online search facility. £4

Amended Registrar of Companies Notice of Fees will be published and available on 1 July 2014 from the Commissions website at:

For further information please contact: -

Julian Lamb - Deputy Registrar/Director, Registry
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Tel: + 44 (0) 1534 822067

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